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Residential Services

If you are buying or selling a home, we will facilitate that transaction and help get you moving. From ordering services like title search reports, municipal lien searches and surveys to confirming ownership rights and up-to-date taxes, we’ve got you covered from escrow to closing day.

For Sale By Owner

If you have chosen to sell your home yourself, Synergy can help. We will prepare a free Preliminary Title Report to uncover any issues with the marketability of your property. We will then help with all of the closing coordination functions to make sure you are ready to sell your home. Also, if you later decide that you would like to employ the services of a real estate agent, we have many contacts in your area who can assist you. We will be happy to refer you to the right agent.

Property Reports

This is a must-have for any homeowner. Consumers often do a “check-up” of their credit report to find any errors or to learn what they need to focus on in order to improve their credit. We believe that any homeowner should also check the title to their home(s) every five to ten years. This helps to ensure that there are no invalid liens or other issues that could negatively impact the marketability of your property. In our full-service states, we offer a property report in any county for the low cost of just $100. Contact us for more information or place an order today.

Real Estate Agent Services

Synergy offers many valuable services to our real estate clients. From Preliminary Title Reports to Short Sale Processing, our goal is to help local real estate agents have more time in the field while spending less time managing their transactions. Contact us today to learn more about how we help agents thrive in today’s challenging real estate market.

Lender Services

Synergy’s business has been built by helping our clients become more successful, which is particularly true of our mortgage company clients. The constant changes in the lending industry have made it more challenging than ever to be an effective loan originator. Contact us today to see how working with Synergy can help you!

Commercial Title Insurance

Through our relationships with our underwriters, Synergy is able to facilitate the title and closing process on nearly any type of commercial property.


Synergy offers education for Real Estate Agents, Loan Originators and investors.

Short Sale Processing

If you’re a real estate agent working with short sale listings, you’re familiar with the many frustrations and time-consuming aspects of getting your transaction from “accepted contract” to “bank-approved closing”. At Synergy, we have developed a superior method of helping you process your short sales. When you work with Synergy, you will be kept up-to-date every step of the way and will have more time to do what you do best….list and sell real estate. Also, with Synergy, there is no “third-party fee” charged to the Seller. These fees are often disallowed by the short selling lender and delay many closings.

Our short sale processing team is always available and dedicated to getting your closings approved. Every lender may have different criteria and/or procedures in their Loss Mitigation departments. At Synergy, we are familiar with each of the major lenders and are well-prepared to work with them all.

Please note: Synergy is not a “short sale negotiator”. Our position is that the transaction is not a negotiation. Rather, it is an offer. Our job is to ensure that the outgoing lender has all the necessary paperwork in order to make their decision based on their various criteria.

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