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Synergy Title Partners is Madeira Beach's Top Rated Title Services Provider.

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Complete closing of your home purchase

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Auction Advantage

Auction Advantage

Title Insurance for properties purchased at auction

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Mobile Closings

If our office on Madeira Beach is not convenient for you, we’ll come to you. We have closed home purchases in airports, international embassies and kitchen counters of your new home. Your closing should be the best part of your day.

Property Reports

This is a must-have for any homeowner. Consumers often do a “check-up” of their credit report to find any errors or to learn what they need to focus on in order to improve their credit. We believe that any homeowner should also check the title to their home(s) every five to ten years. This helps to ensure that there are no invalid liens or other issues that could negatively impact the marketability of your property. In our full-service states, we offer a property report in any county for the low cost of just $100. Please contact us for more information or place an order today.

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